Who am I

My name is Marcus Ray Cook and I previously worked in education as a Community College Administrator where I managed a college satellite campus while working in an additional capacity as a Continuing Education Instructor. The recession brought the closing of the college satellite campus and in turn a change in careers.


I began selling cars in 2013. I read books, watched videos, asked questions and dug in to the profession. Going from education to car sales was not an easy feat. The stigma associated with car salesmen and saleswomen was the most difficult to accept. However, I accepted the fact that customers looking to buy a car would be jaded by past experience, wrought with stigmas, and ingrained with their individual predispositions. Accepting and understanding these predispositions only fueled my drive to change the way people thought of car salesmen and saleswomen. 

I adapted a methodology to work for the customer. I envisioned myself as an educator once again and thought of delivering vehicles to customers as a community service. Explaining features, benefits, and the differences between models is only part of educating a customer. Keeping the customer informed as you go and educating them on the process is part of the car buying experience that most sales people miss.  A new car, the right car can change someone's life. A car can bring about happiness, safety, security, and independence. I realized I was not just a car salesman, but I was a vehicle matchmaker. My goal is to provide quality vehicles and exemplary customer service while focusing on the customer experience.