Sleep is when all the unsorted stuff comes flying out as from a dustbin upset in a high wind.

William Golding

 English Novelist 

Sure, a deal can wait. Sometimes a good deal can wait. However, GREAT DEALS wait for no one. When customers have to think about it, consult with their significant other, or sleep on a GREAT DEAL they often times wake up to find the vehicle has been sold.  It's sometimes frustrating to the customer that delayed the decision. As a consumer myself I understand the frustration, however buying a car is not like shopping for a television or home goods.


There are multiple sales consultants all working with different customers on the same vehicles.  This creates a sense of urgency that should not be confused with pressuring the purchase. 

You can come across a Black Friday deal anytime of the week. If you walk away from it then 4 to 6 salespeople are now calling the customers that wanted the vehicle you were looking at and giving them that bottom line price that was just brokered to you. 

You have  been matched to the perfect vehicle that fits your needs, all of your questions have been answered, and a deal has been brokered to fit the budget you sat aside for the purchase. Now it's decision time. If you made it this far then there should be a sense of urgency.  Are you comfortable with the sales consultant, are you comfortable with the dealership? 

Do you sleep on it?